The mission of EPHOR is to improve appropriate pharmacotherapy to older patients


New ADR of antipsychotics in frail older patients

21-06-2017 | Astrid van Strien describes in her thesis different aspects of adverse drug reactions of antipsychotics in frail older patients. As well as clinical pharmacological mechanisms, as the correlation between blood and liquor haloperidol concentrations, as epidemiological studies towards falls caused by antipsychotics are studied. A new adverse effect of antipsychotics that she detected is an association with urinary tract infections. Read more »

Regulatory Rapporteur focus at the older populations

29-04-2017 | Regulatory Rapporteur, the journal for regulators, focus in May ( Vol 14, No 5, May 2017) at the older populations. Consulting editors Richard Huckle and Anita Sibal for this edition say: First considerations with the design and development of medicines are not with the older population in mind, despite them contributing signi Read more »